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About MaxOut Strength Studio

MaxOut Strength Studio is unlike any other gym or fitness center. Yes, we have weights and dumbbells and all the other usual equipment, but it’s what is attached to that equipment and the way we train our clients that makes us so different from the rest. Whether it is training elite athletes, new and eager novice athletes or helping those in need of sport related injury rehabilitation – MaxOut Strength Studio is prepared to help.

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MaxOut Strength Training

The MaxOut Strength Training Program, featuring the Barwis Methods Tower, is unlike any other strength training program offered in the world today. This efficient and effective method of strength training athletes allows us to create new and powerful muscle - with less wear and tear on the joints and connective tissue surrounding those joints.

Athletic Based Training

Our 22 yards of linear turf is where we offer our unique athletic based training programming for student athletes. Our programs feature: Speed and Agility Training, Balance and Functional Movement Training, Plyometrics and Core Training. We offer small group based circuit training classes that encompass all facets of athletic movement as well as classes that focus solely on developing one specific area, such as linear speed training and an introduction to athletic based strength training for our novice athletes designed to develop proper lifting techniques.

Leadership Development

Every student athlete also has the opportunity to participate in our Leadership Development Program designed to create self-awareness, self-confidence and a desire to help others find success. This program is open to anyone who wants to learn how to become a leader and better teammate. Our commitment to developing the Mind, Body and Spirit of each and every student athlete is what we believe separates us from the rest.

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