MaxOut Strength Training

Scientific programming centered on the use of our Barwis MethodsTM Tower - a mechanical counter-weight device that provides lifting assistance on every repetition. When the Barwis MethodsTM Tower is attached to any piece of strength training equipment, we are able to target-focus specific muscle groups in such a way that it produces unprecedented strength and force production results by overloading that muscle group with a heavier weight on the eccentric movement while providing a precise amount of lifting assistance on the concentric movement.

Athletic Based Training

Athletic Based Training (ABT) classes are one hour training classes that encompass all the necessary requirements for athletic activity: Dynamic Warm-Up, Plyometrics, Speed/Agility, Balance/Functional Movements, and Core/Lumbar exercises. The scientifically designed training programs will ensure that your body is prepared for the rigors of a long season.

Leadership Development

Our unique approach to leadership development will help each person identify their own individual strengths and weaknesses, develop a process for maximizing those strengths and minimizing the weaknesses, and then ultimately identify areas in their own lives where they can find pathways towards success. Leaders must first know the areas where they can effectively lead. Once that is known, they can selflessly give of their time and effort to help others find success in their lives.

Building Mind, Body and Spirit of Student Athletes

Our 3 dimensional approach to developing the mind, body and spirit is key to our success. One without the other results in vulnerability. Our goal is to create a strong, healthy, balanced and well-rounded person who is able to overcome all obstacles whether they be in sports, in the classroom or in life.

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