Maxout showed me what Hard work really means. My strength coach worked with me with full attention every session to make sure I received the best possible results. - Nick H.
I began going to Maxout my junior year of high school and I wish I would have started sooner! Maxout has brought so many positive things into my life! I played competitive high school basketball and I feel my workouts at Maxout put me over the edge to be successful. I not only became strong physically, but the mental aspect of my game became so solid. The strength coaches at Maxout invest so much into the success of others. I have been able to carry not only my physical strength, but my mental toughness into my everyday life. Maxout is not only a place to go and work out, they truly care about every aspect of your life. The Maxout team has become like family to me and will always be a part of my life. - Brittany M.
My experience at MaxOut allowed me to become a stronger and more confident athlete. The strength coaches treated me as if were family and helped push me to my fullest potential. Maxout also taught me the key aspects on what it takes to be a leader - that became highly useful when I came to college. - Sammy S.
Maxout is more than just a program in my opinion, It becomes a main part of your life. There were plenty of challenges, but the end results are worth every second. MaxOut does not only provide you with physical growth, but mental growth as well. The physical component will make you feel the strongest that you have ever been, which then translates to your confidence in your everyday life and activities. Along with the physical component, there is the mental side. MaxOut's Leadership and Mentorship Program gives people the mental strength to help overcome any adversities that might be thrown their way. The mentoring aspect had especially helped me when I had hit that point of the basketball season when there was a bump in the road. I met with one of MaxOut's owners and we sat and just talked. He helped me to put things into perspective and helped me see how well things were actually going. Most importantly, he reassured me of my abilities and leadership capabilities. After that talk, my team went on to finish our season with a 30-2 record and we won the District Championship. That talk is one that will forever be in my memories and I can still not thank him enough for all he has done for me and continues to do. MaxOut will become a major part of your life if you allow it to and it is honestly one of the best programs you could be a part of. - Mariah T.
MaxOut is more than a fitness center; not only are you strengthening and conditioning your body but also your mind. I walked through the doors of MaxOut junior year of high school with the mindset to get stronger for my senior year of high school and prepare for collegiate athletics. Five years later I have not only completed my career as a collegiate women's soccer player but with the honor of being a captain and finishing my career with a championship and run in the NCAA tournament. I owe a lot of my accomplishments to those who helped me push myself to be the best athlete I could be when I walked through the doors of Maxout junior year of high school. Not only did I go from tall and skinny to stronger and more confident but with the mentorship provided my will to succeed got even stronger. MaxOut workouts are so demanding that you will leave already feeling stronger (and shaking trying to get the fork to your mouth at dinner). Each workout makes you want to push yourself harder and while you're on the machines and working with your trainer you see the accomplishments you're striving to achieve flash through your mind while struggling to keep that weight up. MaxOut isn't just a fitness center; it's a workout program for those who want to push themselves to become stronger emotionally and physically as an athlete. - Meag Y.
Being apart of the Maxout family is the most beneficial training regimen that any athlete could get. Not only does it put the athelete in top shape, but it grooms you to be a leader on and off the field. For myself, it greatly increased endurance and strength for the long races that tested both myself and machine. I recommend Maxout to anyone who is ready to step up their game. - Derek S
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